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Full Frame DSLR’s – Comparison

Always wanted to know the differences between various Full Frame DSLR’s, be they Nikon, Canon or Sony? (To my knowledge Sigma, Pentax and Olympus have no FF models but I’ll keep checking) Thanks to the excellent coders and programmers over at DP Review you can do a side by side comparison of any DSLR camera […]

Nikon D800 and D800E released.

Nikon Press Centre. Feb 6, 2012: Expectations Surpassed: The 36.3-Megapixel Nikon D800 Is The Multimedia HD-SLR That Shatters Conventional Resolution Barriers For Maximum Fidelity The New Nikon D800 Offers Unrivaled Resolution and Features Designed for a Variety of Demanding Professional Photographic and Multimedia Disciplines, Videographers and Filmmakers Exciting news indeed. After months of watching and […]

Is it really all about the Mega-Pixels?

I’ve been asked that dreaded question again: Q: More Mega-pixels is better, right? A: Sure, if you can afford an H4d-200MS or 645DF & IQ180┬áMedium Format…with a lens or two. Q: What’s Medium Format? A: * Sigh * Has aggressive marketing and consumerism made potential DSLR buyers really believe that N is better than C […]

Lunar Eclipse – Compilation

Despite 4 hours of standing outdoors in the freezing Highveld winter near Jo’burg, it was fun! What photography isn’t? Thanks to my friend Wayne for letting me shoot on his plot and keeping the coffee, red wine and conversation flowing! I eventually lost the feeling in my feet, it was so cold. The joys of […]