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Having recently bought a Nikon D800 I was concerned about the left AF issue which had surfaced in many early (USA) models and I scoured the web for articles about the issue. Most sites describe models with post 305xxxx serial numbers to be ok, and anything prior to that must be taken to a Nikon service centre for in house readjustment. My serial number is 880xxxx which appears to have been sourced via the Asia market. Anyway, I’ll test the body in a few days with a wide angle lens and see for myself. As I shoot using the back focus button and focus on the centre AF points and then recompose and shoot, I rarely use the left or right bank of AF points. Still, on the odd occasion that I might preselect those for bird-in-flight or groups shots, I’d like to be sure it’s OK.

Here is a great technical article about the issue from HIFI Voice, 05/05/2012.

As I buy and sell some 2nd hand gear , this led me too seek out how to determine what cameras, at least from Nikon could have potential issues when buying 2nd hand. I found the Nikon Service Advisory Page that lists models with known issues and a way to check, using the serial number, if the camera falls into the batch that had the issue.

I hope this link helps you to also be a more savvy buyer. Oddly, the D800/D800E left AF issue is NOT listed on the Nikon Service Advisory page! 🙁

Nikon Service Advisory Page

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