Extreme Photography – Raspberry takes High Altitude Images

If you thought that sounds like the headlines of one of those trashy “tell all” magazines you might be forgiven. However I kid you not. It’s true 🙂 A Raspberry is indeed taking HA Images!

27km above Earth. Sat 4 Feb 2012: Moon from Near Space Image © Dave Akerman

Dave Akerman with his Strawberry Pi/Camera used in HAB Photography

Dave Ackerman of  Newbury,  UK is an “amateur” HAB (High Altitude Balloonist). I use quotes because his images and projects are anything but. Using a Raspberry Pi computer (@ £24.00!) hooked up to their new camera module, Mr. Ackerman created a lightweight ‘eye in the sky’ that he sent up 143,000+ feet above the United Kingdom, taking pictures on its journey. Here is a link to the story and images of the recent most flight.

The Strawberry Pi components & a 5MP Cell Nokia N8 Camera module (as far as I can tell) which replaced the standard Strawberry Pi camera supplied with the kit.

Dave holds the record for the highest balloon images ever taken:
His first at almost 41kms and the 2nd and record at just over 43kms ABOVE EARTH.

Date Flight Balloon Altitude Launch Site Landing Position Notes
03/12/11 BUZZ2 Hwoyee 1600g 40986 m (134468 ft) Brightwalton Near Bruges, Belgium Was UK #1 altitude
20/05/12 BUZZ6 Hwoyee 1600g 43639m (143172 ft) Elsworth Nottingham H2. #2 World Record

To read the full story pop into his blog and to see some more images his Flickr feed.

Image © Dave Akerman


Image © Dave Akerman

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